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How To Keep Your Garden Shed Moisture-Free

Several factors can contribute to the build-up of moisture in your garden shed. Yet there are equally as many if not more ways to control it.

Keeping your garden shed moisture-free has immense benefits. For starters, it can protect your tools and equipment from rust and rot. It can also prevent the formation of mould and mildew which can trigger respiratory challenges for you or your kids.

In this article, we will review some easy ways to keep your garden shed in Sydney moisture-free in all weather conditions.

1.     Seal Any Leaks

Your primary line of defence against moisture is to prevent water from getting into your shed in the first place. You should periodically inspect your shed for leakages. Pay close attention to the roof joints, any water pipes that may run through your shed and the shed base along the bottom of the walls. Look for drips, condensation, wet floor spots, under boxes and bags.

A roof inspection is particularly important after a spell of bad weather. If you experience strong winds or storms, you should check your shed for damages. If you notice any leaks, you should call in a professional to do an in-depth inspection and seal the leaks properly.

You can re-seal the bottom of the walls of your shed to the base with silicon if necessary. A drip coming through a rivet head can easily be sealed with silicon.

2.     Ventilate Your Shed

Condensation on the walls and roof is common in some weather conditions in a steel shed. The most efficient way to control moisture build-up in any room is to ensure there is good air circulation. Letting fresh air into a room pushes the stuffy moist air out. Yet, you may not have time to open the windows of your shed every day.

A louvre window left cracked open is a good idea. A whirly bird will continually circulate air.  This way you only need to open the doors and windows occasionally. At Col Western Sheds, we specialize in building well-ventilated sheds and can advise you on our various solutions to prevent moisture build-up.

Condensation may not be an issue depending on your use. If you think it will be please discuss with our team.

3.     Keep Your Shed Neat

Arranging the items in your shed neatly on shelves can significantly prevent moisture build-up. Using shelves allows the air to circulate freely around the stuff in your shed.

Clutter can create warm pockets and hidden spots where moisture accumulation can go unseen. Also, the penetration of sunlight can prevent the growth of mould in a small garden shed.

With a neatly arranged shed, you can easily spot sources of moisture in your shed. Some sources of moisture include damp materials, cracks in the walls, window leaks or spots of condensation.

4.     Distribute Desiccants in Your Shed

Desiccants are materials that absorb moisture from the air. An example of a desiccant is the small bag of silica gel found in a box of new shoes or a pack of vitamins. They are extremely effective in silently drawing moisture out of the air and leaving your environment dry.

If you can’t find desiccants in your local hardware store, you can make some yourself. You can do this by wrapping some charcoal fragments in a piece of cloth and sewing it to make a small bag. Distribute the wrapped charcoal bags randomly on your shelves or hang them from the roof of your garden shed. Over time, the charcoal will absorb the moisture as well as any bad odours in the air. You can replace the bags once a month to keep them fresh.

Moisture build-up in your shed can lead to discomfort and costly damage if it goes unchecked. At Col Western Sheds, we are dedicated to building top quality garden sheds. Also, all our sheds come fully equipped with sufficient vents designed to suit the size and purpose of your shed.

5.     Base Type Can Help With Moisture Reduction.

The shed base will influence how much moisture is in your shed.

Concrete slabs are porous and will breathe moisture. A cardboard box sitting on concrete may become soft by absorbing moisture. Better to have these type of items on a shelf or elevated on a pallet.

A wooden floor can be a more moisture resistant option as the air circulates below the floor keeping the timber dry.

There are other flooring options that you can consider. Also how the storm water flows around your shed needs to be considered. Best to discuss with our team.


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