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What roof should I choose for my garden shed?

Your definitive guide to deciding between a gable, flat, or skillion shed roof
The bottom line
Let’s start by looking at your three options:


Gable: Best for workshops
Skillion: Best for directing water flow, and most adaptable to the space
Flat: Best for small spaces

General considerations
Water flow
The shape of the roof determines your water flow options. When it comes to water flow, the factors you’ll need consider are:

Foundations. Do your best to keep water away from wall foundations….

Custom shed for an unused narrow space

Get the most out of your limited space with a customised shed
When awkward spaces combine with constraining requirements, customisation is often the best option. Go with an off-the-shelf model, and you may end up with a shed that sticks out like a sore thumb — not to mention far less storage space than you could have otherwise had. On the other hand, just a little customisation is often enough to create a shed that blends into your yard while providing you with the storage space you need.

At Col Western, we consider the space, factor …

Maintenance for Your Garden Shed in Newcastle

Garden Shed in Newcastle

From looks to functionality, maintenance can go a long way towards extending the life of your Australian garden shed. When it comes time for your 3,6, or 12-month shed check-up, keep the following maintenance tasks in mind.
Paint or Power Wash Exterior
The Australian environment can do a number on the exterior of a shed. While metal sheds are incredibly sturdy and great at resisting heat (from the sun or from wildfires), weathering can still stop your garden shed from looking its best. You’re likely to see caked-on dirt and …

How to Maximize Your Garden Shed Storage Space

Small Garden Sheds Gosford

Whether you’re storing gardening tools, housing plants, or anything in between, it never hurts to have more room in your garden shed. Below are 5 ways to make any sized shed feel bigger.
Make Use of Shelving
Not everything can fit in a single row on the floor of your garden shed. Adding shelves – especially floating shelves on the walls of your shed can increase the easily accessible space you have available inside. Pots, tools, storage containers, and more will fit nicely without being buried when placed …

5 Ways to Use Awnings

carport awning

Spending leisurely time outdoors in your own home is one of the best ways to relax or entertain your company. Weather conditions can often be in flux however, even from one hour to the next within the same day. Adding awnings around your home can make your time there more enjoyable, protecting you from direct penetrating sunlight and controlling the external conditions. Here are some ways to help you imagine how your awnings can enhance your outdoor spaces.
Use Around Windowed Areas
Who doesn’t love gorgeous big open windows in their house, letting …

5 ways you can use a carport

Carport sideon

Traditionally, we think of carports for car storage and protecting from the harsh Australian sun. But there is so much more that your carport can be used for beyond just providing coverage for your vehicle. With a little creativity, you can turn a carport into an extension of your home, an outdoor sanctuary, or small garden shed in Sydney.

Keep reading to learn 5 ways to turn your carport into a different kind of effective space.
The Best Carport Alternatives
1. Outdoor Covered Porch
Who doesn’t like to sit outside …

Transform Your Garden Shed into a Creative Space

Imagine the luxury of having a creative space to escape from the ruckus of daily life. You can achieve this by transforming a garden shed into a purpose-built space where you can engage in any of your preferred creative endeavours.
Escape to a Designated Space
The advantage of setting up a creative space apart from your home is that it is a designated space solely used for your creative activities. It means that you not only physically get away from your day-to-day responsibilities but mentally too. Walking away from the house to your repurposed garden shed allows you to make …

How To Keep Your Garden Shed Moisture-Free

Several factors can contribute to the build-up of moisture in your garden shed. Yet there are equally as many if not more ways to control it.

Keeping your garden shed moisture-free has immense benefits. For starters, it can protect your tools and equipment from rust and rot. It can also prevent the formation of mould and mildew which can trigger respiratory challenges for you or your kids.

In this article, we will review some easy ways to keep your garden shed in Sydney moisture-free in all weather conditions.
1.     Seal Any Leaks
Your primary line of defence against moisture is to prevent …

How Garden Sheds Make the Perfect Home Office

Studies have shown that a home office can decrease stress and improve productivity. Working from your home also contributes to a lower carbon footprint, which is critical for fighting global warming. By eliminating the need to commute, you will end up adding over 100 hours to your home life. There are also the finance and health benefits and the reduced stress of being in your own home.

The only issue with doing your work duties at home is distractions. If you don’t have an organised office, there are plenty of distractions that can affect your productivity. The capacity of staying focused …

Why a Garden Shed Makes a Great Gift for the Holidays

As the Christmas season approaches, now is the time to pick out the gifts for the people who mean the most to you. No one wants to receive a gift they won’t use, so why not give them something with long-term functionality?

A garden shed is a perfect gift for your favourite homeowner in your life. Outdoor sheds are highly useful for storage and other purposes, so you know that your present will go to good use.

In this post, we will share three of the top reasons why a garden shed is an excellent gift for your husband, wife …

  • It gives me great pleasure to write to you about your Exceptional Customer Service & friendliness of your staff at Col Western Sheds. I would like to thank Sannie for her expert knowledge of your sheds & efficiency in getting my shed delivered & installed in under a week.

    "EXCEPTIONA" !! I ordered a shed online in May (from elsewhere) & I am still waiting on it!!!!! “Guess What”, I was totally ripped off & lost $2,000.00, if only I had searched a little harder online I would of dealt with you in the first place, its always nice to deal face to face with professional people. I will be happy to recommend your company to all my family & friends for your prompt & efficient service.

    Lynda of Milperra

  • Thankyou to Col Western for yet another fantastic experience with the order, delivery, install and end product. We are very happy with our sheds and highly recomment Col Western to our friends and family.

    Karen of Beecroft

  • I just want to advise you of the terrific service one of your shed builders provided to us when last week he built the shed we ordered through your Penrith office. Dave and his young helper provided first class workmanship, he was very polite, and the clean up was a pleasure compared to most other tradesmen. We are soon going to order a further shed via Penrith and I have no hesitation in recommending your products. Thank you Dave, and thank you to Col Western Sheds.

    Martin of Kings Langley

  • Thank you to all at Col Western Sheds for your excellent service. From the time I made a weekend telephone enquiry, place a telephone order for a shed early the following week, received by email a diagram and quote, received advice of expected delivery time and took delivery at exactly the promised time from friendly helpful delivery men, I received outstanding service

    Bill of Wareemba

  • I would like to thank you very much for helping us so promptly with our bird aviary. There was a lot of discussion between the doves on returning to their new cage, but they have now settled in again very happily !! We really appreciate the hurry you gave us the order. Thank you very very much

    Marilla of South Coogee

  • Very pleased with the shed – Installers also very good & co-operative

    Ron of Lemon Tree Passage

  • Just letting you know that I received my shed even earlier than advised. It is so good to deal with a company that values it’s customers and delivers on ALL of it’s promises. I loved the ease of use of the web site along with the easy to find prices. I received great service at the Penrith Store when i went in to make my purchase. Fabulous communications re my purchase, and delivery well above my expectations. The product ain’t half bad either

    Ben of Richmond

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