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Get Organised this Year

Eat better, exercise more, de-clutter your life … these New Year’s resolutions barely survive a week. And it’s partly because they lack specificity. For example, it’s easy to say you want to get fit. It’s even easier to pay a full year’s gym subscription and buy a set of stylish Lululemon’s. But that doesn’t ensure you actually visit the gym – or that you’ll work out at all.

Nudge yourself forward by getting a bit more specific. You could ask your friend or partner to call you every day. Not text. Call. The purpose of the call? Making sure you drove to the gym. They don’t have to exercise with you, but knowing they’ll ring – and that they won’t accept your excuses – could be enough to get you to your exercise location. And you’re less likely to dress up and go all the way… then refuse to work out.

This principle of specificity works for lots of different things. Want to eat healthier? Create a roster with your friends. It could be five of you, or even ten. Rotate meals at one another’s houses. Weekday meals, not weekend hangouts. The only caveat is the meal has to be healthy and/or home-made. That way, you’ll all cook once a week, or twice a month, but you’ll all eat healthy regardless, because if you’re not preparing ‘good food’, someone else is.

Begin a buddy system

Getting your pals on board is helpful for all your resolutions because self-motivation is a tricky thing to maintain. Your friends’ check-ins will keep you accountable. Just pick the right buddy, because there will be days when you want to skip your task, so you need a friend that won’t give up on you. And this system can even be tailored for something like domestic organisation. Recruit your friends to help you de-clutter your messy space.

The most important part of organisation isn’t cleanliness. It’s consistency. Clearing up is a one-off thing, but you have to retain that status. This could mean garage sales and donations to get rid of unwanted stuff. Then you have to ensure you don’t accumulate more ‘stuff’. You could train yourself to tidy up daily, preventing your mess from piling up again. It can also be helpful to build a shed that has designated storage shelves.

Out of sight, out of mind

This works because you’re restricted to items you can stack. If something doesn’t have its own shelf, drawer, or hook, you don’t get to keep it. And if you want to buy anything, you have to assign it space before you purchase – which means getting rid of something ‘old’ to make room for something new. It doesn’t have to be a big shed. The smaller your garden shed in Penrith, the better, because less room means less clutter.

At Col Western Sheds, our flat pack sheds are easy to assemble. You don’t need any special tools, and you can set up your shed in less than a day. We stock sheds with tailored storage shelves, and we can offer you a choice of colours, roofing options, sliding doors, and even skylights. And if you don’t want to DIY, we can install the shed for you at a small fee. You’ll have to do your own de-cluttering though … and you’ll have a silicone seal yourself. We’ll show you how.

To buy and install garden sheds that will keep you organised all year long, call Col Western Sheds today on 4632 4222.

  • It gives me great pleasure to write to you about your Exceptional Customer Service & friendliness of your staff at Col Western Sheds. I would like to thank Sannie for her expert knowledge of your sheds & efficiency in getting my shed delivered & installed in under a week.

    "EXCEPTIONA" !! I ordered a shed online in May (from elsewhere) & I am still waiting on it!!!!! “Guess What”, I was totally ripped off & lost $2,000.00, if only I had searched a little harder online I would of dealt with you in the first place, its always nice to deal face to face with professional people. I will be happy to recommend your company to all my family & friends for your prompt & efficient service.

    Lynda of Milperra

  • Thankyou to Col Western for yet another fantastic experience with the order, delivery, install and end product. We are very happy with our sheds and highly recomment Col Western to our friends and family.

    Karen of Beecroft

  • I just want to advise you of the terrific service one of your shed builders provided to us when last week he built the shed we ordered through your Penrith office. Dave and his young helper provided first class workmanship, he was very polite, and the clean up was a pleasure compared to most other tradesmen. We are soon going to order a further shed via Penrith and I have no hesitation in recommending your products. Thank you Dave, and thank you to Col Western Sheds.

    Martin of Kings Langley

  • Thank you to all at Col Western Sheds for your excellent service. From the time I made a weekend telephone enquiry, place a telephone order for a shed early the following week, received by email a diagram and quote, received advice of expected delivery time and took delivery at exactly the promised time from friendly helpful delivery men, I received outstanding service

    Bill of Wareemba

  • I would like to thank you very much for helping us so promptly with our bird aviary. There was a lot of discussion between the doves on returning to their new cage, but they have now settled in again very happily !! We really appreciate the hurry you gave us the order. Thank you very very much

    Marilla of South Coogee

  • Very pleased with the shed – Installers also very good & co-operative

    Ron of Lemon Tree Passage

  • Just letting you know that I received my shed even earlier than advised. It is so good to deal with a company that values it’s customers and delivers on ALL of it’s promises. I loved the ease of use of the web site along with the easy to find prices. I received great service at the Penrith Store when i went in to make my purchase. Fabulous communications re my purchase, and delivery well above my expectations. The product ain’t half bad either

    Ben of Richmond

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