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Why we are the go-to for garden sheds

Garden sheds can be pretty versatile. You can use them to store all your gardening tools and supplies, from your hose to your shears and rake. If you put up shelves and drawers, you can organise your seeds, fertilisers, and pesticides in the same space. You can even keep DIY garden projects in there, or a bicycle.

Once you’ve decided you’re getting a shed, you might want to man up and build one from scratch. After all, it can’t be that hard, and YouTube videos make it look pretty do-able. But just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you …

Your Main Considerations When Installing a New Dog Pen

Dog pens can be a great idea for the backyard if you don’t want your dog roaming free all the time. Perhaps you’ve got to build a new fence, or you have small children around, or simply don’t want them digging up the garden. But what should you think about before purchasing a dog pen? Here are the main considerations to take into account.
Is it big enough so they’re comfy?
How big is your dog? You will want your dog pen to be big enough so that they have some room to move around, stretch their legs a little, …

How big should you go with your Bird Aviary?

On a small scale, they can be a handy way to teach your children about responsibility and environmental influence. On a large scale, they can boost your income without too much labour on your part.

Sometimes, people are wary of keeping domestic birds. There are two main reasons for this unease – the noise and the smell. Both these challenges can be resolved if you give your birds the right type of housing, and at Col Western Sheds, bird aviaries are among our specialities.

Birds are generally loud, but if they are comfortable, their cackling reduces significantly. They need to …

Do You Need to Secure and Anchor Your Garden Shed?

Garden sheds are considered Class 10a buildings according to the Australian Building Code, and as such, these structures must meet specific requirements to ensure their safety. Anchoring the shed to the ground is one such requirement.

Across Australia, these sheds must be securely fastened to the ground or concrete slab they sit on. This is especially important in Australia’s tropical northern climates, where high-speed storm winds could potentially damage a garden shed. Anchoring also adds stability to sheds on uneven or sloped ground.

Fortunately, securing your shed is a fairly straightforward process. Most small garden sheds, carports and …

Flat Vs Gable – which roof is better?

When it comes to choosing a shed for your back yard, at Col Western Sheds, we have gable roof sheds and flat roof sheds. Ideally when you are choosing the right shed for your yard – and for your needs, you have to base your choices more on what your shed is going to be used for, and, where it is going to be placed. Ideally, the style of your roof for the shed should match in with the style of roof on your home.

A flat roof shed has been designed to be level, or with …

Why Carport Awnings Are So Well Suited To Australian Homes and Lifestyles

Have you noticed recently that heaps of carport awnings are cropping up around your area? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. While there are still plenty or actual garages around we are seeing a lot more carport awnings going up, and for good reason, too.

If you’re someone who has an actual garage in your home, then congrats – it sure does make life a heck of alot easier! The problem with actual garages is that they tend to take up a lot of room. Particularly within inner city and suburban areas in Australia we are seeing block …

What to Look for When Shopping For Bird Aviaries

Are you a bird lover? Just looking for an easy to care for pet for the kids? Then you’ll have to have a think about which is the best aviary for your home or garden.
We take a look at some things that you’ll need to consider when shopping for an aviary. After all your want your bird friend to be happy and healthy in their little (or big – up to you!) home.
It’s got to be secure
Of course, this is the number one thing to look for when you are shopping for a bird aviary. You don’t want …

Options for Installing A Carport



For homeowners, the idea of adding a carport to their home or yard is the perfect way to help protect their cars, or boats and caravans from direct exposure to wind and rain, and today there are so many options, it can be hard to know where to begin. Carports can be free standing along a driveway or in a backyard or placed alongside an existing garage, in front of a garage or alongside or in front of a house, it all depends on your circumstances and where you …

10 Great Ideas to Turn Existing Shed into Work Shed

You can turn your new, or existing shed into a work shed and today we have 10 great ideas to help you. Having space to *work* helps your creativity, ability to get inspired, and it helps makes those handyman jobs around the house a breeze. For the home hobbyist, you’ll love being able to have your own space.


How to Turn Existing Sheds into New Work Sheds


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Your perfect work shed shouldn’t just look good, it should be functional and practical …

Landscaping Around Your Shed – How Can You Make It “Blend” In or An Attractive Feature

The humble garden shed is something that no backyard should go without. The question when getting your shed is whether you’d like it to fit in perfectly with the surrounding garden, or whether you’d like it to be a standout feature in your yard.

Here today, we’ve got some tips on how to landscape around your shed to make it an attractive part of your garden setup – whatever that setup may be.

Garden beds
Many people choose to add cute garden beds around the outer of their sheds to make it look sort of like a little cottage house. You can either …

  • It gives me great pleasure to write to you about your Exceptional Customer Service & friendliness of your staff at Col Western Sheds. I would like to thank Sannie for her expert knowledge of your sheds & efficiency in getting my shed delivered & installed in under a week.

    "EXCEPTIONA" !! I ordered a shed online in May (from elsewhere) & I am still waiting on it!!!!! “Guess What”, I was totally ripped off & lost $2,000.00, if only I had searched a little harder online I would of dealt with you in the first place, its always nice to deal face to face with professional people. I will be happy to recommend your company to all my family & friends for your prompt & efficient service.

    Lynda of Milperra

  • Thankyou to Col Western for yet another fantastic experience with the order, delivery, install and end product. We are very happy with our sheds and highly recomment Col Western to our friends and family.

    Karen of Beecroft

  • I just want to advise you of the terrific service one of your shed builders provided to us when last week he built the shed we ordered through your Penrith office. Dave and his young helper provided first class workmanship, he was very polite, and the clean up was a pleasure compared to most other tradesmen. We are soon going to order a further shed via Penrith and I have no hesitation in recommending your products. Thank you Dave, and thank you to Col Western Sheds.

    Martin of Kings Langley

  • Thank you to all at Col Western Sheds for your excellent service. From the time I made a weekend telephone enquiry, place a telephone order for a shed early the following week, received by email a diagram and quote, received advice of expected delivery time and took delivery at exactly the promised time from friendly helpful delivery men, I received outstanding service

    Bill of Wareemba

  • I would like to thank you very much for helping us so promptly with our bird aviary. There was a lot of discussion between the doves on returning to their new cage, but they have now settled in again very happily !! We really appreciate the hurry you gave us the order. Thank you very very much

    Marilla of South Coogee

  • Very pleased with the shed – Installers also very good & co-operative

    Ron of Lemon Tree Passage

  • Just letting you know that I received my shed even earlier than advised. It is so good to deal with a company that values it’s customers and delivers on ALL of it’s promises. I loved the ease of use of the web site along with the easy to find prices. I received great service at the Penrith Store when i went in to make my purchase. Fabulous communications re my purchase, and delivery well above my expectations. The product ain’t half bad either

    Ben of Richmond

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